Victoria Martinez
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in collaboration with Anansi KnowbodyWander off, wander back
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in collaboration with Bethlehem Community CenterFlores para la Frozen City Know Thy NeighborWould You be My Neighbor?
As a transdisciplinary artist, I compose and structure mixed media experiments. My objectives are to establish urban interventions within abandoned spaces, on my own and in collaboration with the people who live in close proximity to these spaces. I collect and incorporate samples of items such as discarded encyclopedias, textiles, thrift store objects, as well as ‘found’ entities indicative of urban environments and Mother Earth, for example scraps of Mexican grocery store advertisements, parade streamers, and photographs of flowers. Perhaps to many people the articles that I use in my art are superfluous and disposable. However, when I discover these materials in abandoned spaces, I think of these items in terms of giving them a chance at potentially better and longer lives. There is mystery in all of these things. I will never know or entirely understand the history behind the commodities that I find as I explore in dusty warehouses or leaf through texts from aged journals. This process is fascinating to me. I relate this to the ‘feeling’ of calm air before the spontaneous, ejection of a speeding bullet in my neighborhood or the intuitive anxiety of darting after the falling candy from piñatas.