"Between Movements" - 1
"Between Movements" - 1
Site-specific installation
Dimensions variable

"Between Movements" was a community-oriented, interactive project by Chicago-based artist Victoria Martinez in Salvador, Brazil. "Between Movements" celebrated this exhibition and series of events at Museu da Arte da Bahia (MAB) with a culminating action. Participants selected three sites, becoming the final resting place for three of the artist’s textile-based works made for the show. Inspired by the vibrant color palette and ornateness of Salvador’s Baroque churches, Martinez’s soft installations incorporated fragments of everyday materials such as pillowcases, balloons, tutus, and plastic tablecloths. Likewise, the concept of improvisation or the attitude of “making-do” is a prominent motif in Martinez’s practice. "Between Movements" aimed to create new aesthetic encounters that engage with the communities of Salvador.

Tarp, tape, paint, buttons, fabric, plastic tablecloth