Victoria Martinez

As an interdisciplinary artist, I compose and structure mixed media public art, site-specific installations, and textile projects. I seek ways to establish interventions within abandoned city spaces, both on my own and in collaboration with the people who live in close proximity to these spaces. I collect and incorporate items such as plastic bags, fabric, thrift store objects, as well as ‘found’ objects indicative of urban environments and Mother Earth, for example scraps of Mexican grocery store advertisements, parade streamers, and photographs. The articles that I collect may seem superfluous and disposable to many people. However, when I discover these materials, I think about giving them a chance at potentially better and longer lives. There is mystery in all of these things. I will never learn or entirely understand the history behind the commodities I come across as I explore dusty warehouses or leaf through texts from long-forgotten journals. My work engages spiritual and poetic processes, as I respond to existing marks by layering symbols, and thoughtfully stitching these articles together. I see my work as skin, full of reminiscence and imagined futures as I lay them in often overlooked sites. This process is fascinating to me. I relate it to the ‘feeling’ of calm air before the spontaneous, ejection of a speeding bullet in my neighborhood or the intuitive anxiety of darting after the falling candy from piñatas.